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Waterproof breathable membrane and foil insulation coil to make United Kingdom family almost without air conditioning!

    United Kingdom is a developed country, but in the United Kingdom live a long time, found the British did not put on a look of deep pockets. Sometimes in order to save energy, the British almost to the point of stinginess. Most impressive is that United Kingdom House are equipped with large double glazed Windows, rarely installed air conditioning.
      not everywhere is a modern skyscraper in London, where most houses are very old. Relatively new, has nearly a century of history. However, even this old House are equipped with large double glazed Windows, fully fills a wall. These Windows can guarantee the room lighting, reducing electricity consumption. In addition, in order to save energy, and United Kingdom Governments had mandatory building energy efficiency standards, and once every four or five years, each time to introduce stricter standards. For example, double insulation of external wall of the House measure, the use of foil insulation and waterproof breathable membrane coil used, laying the roof insulation, exterior Windows to be made double, shop floor insulation aluminum foil heat coil material. There are a series of measures, in the winter, open for two or three hours as long as the heat in the House, on May 15 to warm all night. Other people wondering is, United Kingdom House could barely look at the hanging of air conditioning, United Kingdom with temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius. Locals will say: "air conditioning? Do you feel the need? A fan enough to use. "Nearly all ordinary British homes are not equipped with air conditioning.
      one more thing to show that British energy-saving awareness. Summit recently held in Scotland, thousands of journalists gathered there. But news of the meeting was a temporary building. News people said, because news is useless at the end of the Conference, so there is a temporary building was enough. After the meeting, removed all the materials can also be used again in other places.
in the United Kingdom, many hotel television, many are 14, 16 inches. Hotel said, these are all in good condition, without any problems, why change it? If changed, the old do it, don't throw it?

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