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Principles of heat insulation material insulation

"Student questions" principles of heat insulation material insulation?
, "Troubleshooting" along with social development, people's living standards improve living environment tends to be high grade, environmental protection, new concept new type of heat insulation profile product from foreign to domestic. Major production companies snap up imported heat insulation break bridge aluminum wear equipment engaged in aluminum processing equipment business also developed a heat insulation break bridge wear equipment. Want to push this new type of heat insulation profile product market, as environmental protection and energy saving products, and also generally accepted, but high production costs than the average profile, through oxidation. Spray. Wear processes. By wearing the bridge connections can be oxidized silver and coloured spray paint, sand fabric and colouring materials connected to increased sense of decorative profiles. The following simple explanation.
heat insulation material insulation principle
insulation Strip profiles from aluminium and thermoplastic insulating strips of mixed material combinations, and Rotary heat insulation aluminum alloy profile is based on the thermal insulation properties of high density polyamide PA66 or rigid PVC plastic wear bar rolling process, the integrated aluminum. -Foam heat insulation aluminum profile is the use of thermal insulation, outer aluminium profiles connected embedded into one, in the formation of insulating cavity filled polyurethane foam, insulated aluminum alloy profile of "cold bridges" to achieve insulation, energy-saving effect.
the above are based on practical problems encountered in the work rather than into, for reference, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to communicate, and corrections.

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