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Overview of PE foil insulation and its classification

PE foil insulation material called polyethylene foil insulation, PE insulation, foil insulation, thermal insulation materials, is the PE foam and foil materials attached together. Combining the two, powerful. PE foil insulation material with superior heat preservation, heat, moisture, sound insulation, cushioning, shock resistance, flexibility, light weight, friction resistance, aging resistance, corrosion-proof and a series of superior features.

PE foil insulation materials are widely used in automobiles, air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, construction, cold storage, electronics and many other fields of insulation. Is also used in automotive, electronic and electrical appliances, precision instruments, sporting goods and other industries, earthquake, buffer, the role of packaging.
PE aluminum foil insulation category:
conventional classification IXPE aluminum foam, XPE foil foam, EPE foam aluminum foil.

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