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  This is a new type of environment-friendly thermal insulation material in foreign countries for house construction, air-conditioning, heat insulation. The material is soft, light and easy to install, from aluminum foil (or aluminum) and polyethylene, and is formed by special machining, tasteless toxic. Polyethylene bubble can set multi-layer polyethylene bubbles, bubble neat columns. It not only solves the fiberglass and foam-like material to the human body's discomfort and harm to the environment, and can be blocked through metal, concrete, wood and General insulation into the rooms of ultraviolet light. Through the aluminum foil (or aluminum) reflective and thermal characteristics of the material and polyethylene materials are combined, so that it not only has good insulation, heat-reflective insulation, anti-radiation, but also by the material's characteristics on the buildings (roof, wall, floor) can play a very good moisture, insulation, energy-saving effect.
  bubble unique inflatable design can play a buffer force strength, vibration, and shock effects. This product is also available in the original aluminum foil and polyethylene on the basis of the increase with a layer of woven PE, which does not change the original product performance greatly enhanced on the basis of its tensile and tear strength.

  structure: aluminum Al + bubble + Al + bubble + bubble + al, Al + bubble + bubble +EPE+ aluminum, woven aluminum + aluminum + aluminum + aluminum + non-woven cloth, and other composite structures.

  1, and this products tasteless nontoxic, environmental;
  2, and light, and soft, and no dust, and flame retardant, easily installation;
  3, and has hot reflection, and insulation, and sucking sound, and anti-radiation, and shock, and drop noise, and shield function;
  4, and moisture, and anti-Sun, and waterproof, and anti-infiltration, and sealed sex good, and resistance aging, and insulation energy-saving;
  5 And summer moisture, Sun protection, heat insulation, saving air conditioning winter insulation, saving heating; energy-saving effect is remarkable.

  uses: widely used in plumbing, ventilation pipes protective outer coat, air conditioning, water heaters, high temperature furnace shell, roof insulation and ground damp proof thermal insulation, animal sheds, warehouses, plumbing insulation, etc.

  multilayer heat insulating material product description:

  multi-layer thermal insulation material, use the principle of reflective, through reflection of heat radiation from the Sun, can effectively prevent excessive heat inside the House in the summer, keep the indoor room temperature in winter to save energy, the objective of environmental protection. In addition, to protect buildings from wind and dust, and has good moisture-proof effect.

  our materials in roof construction, does not need to be moisture-proof handle, do not need gypsum board, great savings our cost.

  specifications: multilayer insulation material is by outside two layer anti-mill of plating aluminum film, and multilayer EPE and spewing combination and into, products size following:
  length: 10 meters, width 1.2 meters

  We of material was widely of for steel, roof, loft, fence, basement, ceiling, wall body, garage, air conditioning pipeline, In extreme cold or hot climates can be used. Is applicable for old and new buildings. While this made sun shade can also be used to protect your car.

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