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Industrial energy-saving of heat insulation coating for breakthrough

Today's society is a scientific and technological society, new technologies continue to make breakthroughs, new materials are constantly emerging. Industrial thermal insulation material in the world is moving towards efficient heat insulation, energy saving and development of thin layer and outer protection. Create packaging products in Shenzhen under heat transfer mechanism of spacecraft, based on material technology, chemical technology, information technology, nanotechnology, bio-engineering technology, energy technology, environmental protection technology, space technology, computer technology, marine engineering technology, engineering and technology, logistics and overall facilities and other modern high technology and industry support, after how many years of research and development, and successfully developed ZC-1 high temperature resistant thermal insulating coatings. Industrial type high temperature resistant thermal insulating coatings using hollow ceramic beads with efficient insulation finishing, coating has low thermal conductivity, high insulation, high temperature resistance, fire retardant, insulation and voltage resistance and sound insulation environmental protection material of a new landmark.
again after several years of research and development testing, create packaging products in Shenzhen co high temperature resistant thermal insulating coatings, electromagnetic shielding insulation and prevents heat transfer and heat insulation of new advanced technologies, used more in the best fine chemical materials. In the create company resistance high temperature insulation insulation paint can effective inhibit various conduction heat and radiation hot, insulation insulation inhibit efficiency can up 90% above, can inhibit high temperature objects and low temperature objects of hot radiation and heat of conduction lost, this paragraph resistance high temperature insulation insulation paint in 1100 ℃ of objects surface coated Shang 8mm thick, objects surface of temperature on can from 1100 ℃ on can reduced to 100 ℃ within. So efficient thin layer of resistance high temperature insulation paint, has large application to space, and military, and metallurgical, and power, and petrochemical, and traffic, important field, its excellent of performance in insulation to cannot replaced, for brushing industrial resistance high temperature insulation insulation paint of technology improved up to decisive of role, energy-saving sex, and stability, and technology sex unprecedented, for whole social of development,, is real of landmark of industrial insulation, energy-saving sex greatly improve, insulation insulation energy utilization upgrade, Help enterprises in industrial energy-efficient economy, to a new level.

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