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Aluminum foil reflective film building energy-saving design!

    several energy-saving roof is used internally: aluminum foil reflective coating efficient thermal insulation materials for roofing, aluminum foil reflective coating of overhead insulation roof pumice sand, aluminum foil reflective film insulation roof reflective film and aluminum foil insulation inverted roof. Flat roof insulation with aerated concrete thickness increased to 50mm~100mm. Some cement polystyrene Board, cement perlite or pumice thermal insulation of aluminum foil reflective film. Within the elevated concrete slab under the bags of expanded perlite insulation effect is good. Insulation layer of pitched roof is easy to set up, can be laid at the top of glass wool blanket or rock wool blanket or laying insulating materials mentioned above in the ceiling. Reflective film
      aluminum foil insulation design insulation thermal insulation and thermal insulation structure and insulation. Insulation fill type, plate, and foil reflective coating heat reflective classes. And now there is a very cheap way to heat----air layer insulation. This is an "air" used special practices, its insulation properties. This form of insulation is now mainly used to hot climates, roof, wall, double Windows, good effect of heat insulation.

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