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Aluminum foil insulation material is a new type of heat insulation products

aluminum foil insulation material is a new type of insulation products, foil veneer + PE film + fabric + metal coating by hot-melt laminated, heat insulation, waterproof, moisture-proof function. Its extremely low solar radiation absorption coefficient, you can block out most of the heat transfer. Products have been widely used in the building's roof and wall, to excellent thermal insulation effect.

  product works: heat transfer in heat exchange performance of buildings in three ways: conduction heat + convection <25%, radiant heat >75%. After a tile roof in the summer the temperature rises, a lot of radiant heat into the rooms temperatures continue to rise, working and living environment is extremely uncomfortable.

  aluminum foil coil solar radiation absorption coefficient (normal radiation emissivity) 0.07, radiation heat less. Compared with other insulation, insulation sheet of aluminum foil large areas laid thermal bridges (thermal bridge) well, play to great effect in the summer, in winter with good heat preservation function, so as to really achieve the purpose of energy saving.

  heat spread route (not added foil volume material): Sun light--infrared magnetic wave--heat impact tiles makes temperature increased--tiles became heat radiation out heat--heat impact now poured roofing makes temperature increased--now poured roofing became heat radiation out heat--indoor environment temperature continued increased

  heat spread route (added foil volume material): Sun light--infrared magnetic wave--heat impact tiles makes temperature increased-- Tile heat sources emit heat energy – which hit the foil surface – foil radiate very little heat, maintain a comfortable environment indoor temperature

  the technical parameters of the product:

  product code
  mm thickness impermeability the water column height mm tensile strength N/50mm emissivity; nail shank tear strength n thermal aging (80 ° C7dMPa) soft at low temperature-40 ° c Transverse longitudinal transverse strength longitudinal strength JH-NO20.1620000.07600650350450550 cracks

  the main advantages of the product:
  (1) excellent thermal insulation effect. The solar radiation absorption coefficient of aluminium foil coil (normal total radiation rate) of 0.07, radiation heat very low. According to a certain scheme design and installation, can effectively reduce the thermal radiation, thermal conduction and convection, so as to achieve ideal heat insulation and energy saving effect.

  (2) good waterproof. Aluminum foil coil unique seal design can effectively prevent the penetration of moisture. Effect of thermal insulation at the same time, provided a good waterproof and vapor-proof barrier, enhancing the watertightness and airtightness of buildings, and avoid thermal convection occurs.

  (3) extremely high tensile strength. Practice has proved that when the 600N/50mm material tensile strength, can fully meet the requirements of complex roof construction. Longitudinal strength of aluminum foil coil can reach 650N/50mm, not easy to be damaged during the construction process.

  (4), easy installation, saving labor costs. Aluminium foil sheet General specification for 1.2m*50m*0.16mm, the weight of only 120g per square metre, light weight, easy construction, labor costs are low.

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