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Woven bubble insulation

Woven bubble insulation

woven cloth bubble insulation material in original foil of based Shang added has two layer PE woven cloth, in not change products characteristics of premise Xia greatly reinforcement has products of tear fastness stretch strength
1. tasteless nontoxic
2. clean, thin, light
3. significantly of security and environmental of characteristics
4. moisture, insulation, energy-saving
5. easily installation, efficiency high
6. price high, uses diverse.

1. roof, loft, column wall, (roof, and floor following) power line or pipes, through of slot gap
2. cement underground, heating ventilation and air conditioning, steel frame structure housing
3. framework structure building, water heater of insulation blanket or coat, floor of insulation, garage door insulation
4. in Super/Hong 飏, Bohai cement Pier Xia using, tube packaging insulation


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