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Painted double bubble insulation

Painted double bubble insulation

This has obtained the national patent of new type environment-friendly insulation material is made of aluminum (or aluminium film) and polyethylene, made by special machinery and technology, stop penetrating metal, wall, wood wall and ordinary materials into the room of ultraviolet light. This product has been the outer aluminum material reflective, thermal resistance characteristics and insulated with polyethylene materials, play to a heat-reflective insulation, anti-radiation, thermal insulation, energy-saving effect. Add flame retardant can protect client assets.
    This insulation material is light and easy to install. Use: roof, wall and floor; Air conditioners, water heaters, furnace casings; Protective outer pipes, ventilation pipes.
the following varieties: 1. two-sided aluminum film, 2. one-side pure aluminium film, and the other side for flame retardant PE film, 3. single film, and the other side for flame retardant PE film.

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