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Properties of foam insulation materials

/EPE/AL this product is aluminum foil ... Multilayer barrier layer composite materials, and modern environmental protection, better thermal insulation products. Each layer of composite material with very good wear resistance and high strength tear resistance; the middle tier EPE have a lot of moisture and oxygen barrier, insulation, noise reduction function; the outer foil have a good anti-heat reflective, blocking the UV advantage.

1, middle-tier, EPE thickness and color can be customized according to customer requirements, the outermost protective layer which may be painted or composite color polyethylene.
2, and not containing harmful material, meet ISO14000 international environmental certification requirements, in installation machine application in the not produced any on human harmful of pollutants;
3, and high quality of environmental energy-saving material, is across cold, and insulation anti-knot dew of nemesis, hot conduction coefficient low and keep stable, on any hot media up isolated effect;
4, and weight light, and insulation, and shock, and sucking sound, and drop noise;
5, and waterproof, and anti-infiltration, and flame retardant, and easy processing, and easy installation; heat, and resistance low temperature, and Chemical resistance, aging resistance.
1, construction of reflective insulation, hot and cold water pipe insulation;
2, central air conditioning, refrigerator, refrigerator cut off ... ... Household appliances, such as insulation;
3, car, train, refrigerated vehicles, laboratory ... Thermal insulation, sound absorption, noise reduction, tourism with moisture-proof insulating mat and other industries;
4, special packing and cold storage of the products packaging.

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