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Low coefficient of thermal conductivity of thermal insulation (thickness)

1. insulation insulation paper: FiberGC-10~50 series insulation paper thermal conductivity coefficient 0.027 w Mi Kai, thickness 0.4~5mm, white, paper-like, has super thin of advantage, common Yu IT class small electronic products and appliances field, very less for building class of insulation insulation;
2. glass fiber cotton Board/felt: thermal conductivity coefficient 0.035 w Mi Kai, thickness 3mm~5mm, white, points hard and soft felt-like, glass fiber structure, for appliances products, and pipeline,;
3. polyurethane sent bubble Board (PU/PIR): thermal conductivity coefficient 0.02~0.035 wamikai, more color, hard quality, and brittle, thickness 10MM~200mm;
4. centrifugal stripping fiber cotton/rock cotton: thermal conductivity coefficient General for 0.038 w Mi Kai, thickness 30~200mm, yellow, for building industry, room, and warehouse,;
5. micro-na insulation Board: thermal conductivity coefficient 0.02 w Mi Kai, resistance temperature high, more for high temperature environment;
6. Aerogel blankets: 0.018W/thermal conductivity at room temperature (k • m), thickness 2mm~10MM, white or blue, flexible blanket can be customized according to requirements into a rigid sheet material, suitable for equipment and piping insulation. BACK

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