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insulation material into porous material, heat reflecting material and vacuum materials three categories. Former uses of material containing pores insulation, because of air or inert gas within the void coefficient of thermal conductivity is low, such as foam and fiber materials; heat-reflective material has a very high reflectivity, heat can be reflected, such as gold, silver, nickel, aluminum foil or metal-coated polyester, polyimide films. Vacuum insulation material is the use of barrier material internal vacuum convection heat. Used by the aerospace industry to the weight and volume of material requirements are very strict and often requires both noise, vibration and corrosion resistance. Variety of craft materials needs vary. Commonly used within the aircraft cabin and cockpit foam, Superfine glass wool, cotton high-silicon-oxygen, vacuum insulation Panel insulation. Missile early is phenolic foam insulation in the head, with the application of temperature resistant polyurethane foam, single insulation to sandwich. Insulation of missile instrument cabin is painted on the skin outside the cabin a few mm thick layer of foam coating as corrosion protection coating at room temperature, when aerodynamic heating is above 200 ° c, and even foam thermal insulation. Sputnik is in an environment of high temperature and low temperature alternating movements, high reflectivity of the multilayer insulation materials shall be used, generally from dozens of layers of aluminized film, metallized polyester film, aluminum coated polyimide film. In addition, surface insulation tile developed to solve the space shuttle insulation problem, also marked the development of materials to a higher level.
aerogel blanket is a new type of heat insulation material, Nano-pore diameter of porous material, used for pipe insulation, insulation, contacts etc, the material's thermal conductivity at room temperature to 0.018W/(k • m), and low temperatures up to 0.009W/(k • m).
materials of vacuum insulation Panel is the latest, great promotion abroad, used for home appliances industry, extremely low coefficient of thermal conductivity of the material only 0.004. so on the thermal insulation and energy saving effect. Current domestic refrigerators refrigerated container has full use of this material.
insulation merits is a soft mat insulation performance extremely soft industrial insulation.


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