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Germany how to use insulation to save energy

Germany of similar latitude and Harbin in Northeast China, under the influence of climate, Germany winter temperatures higher than Harbin, but Germany longer in winter, heating indispensable to local families. Is different from China, Germany heat open all year round, the user can decide for themselves whether or not to use. Even in the summer, households if it feels cold, you can also open the heating at home.
Germany in southwestern Baden-W├╝rttemberg Government statistics, annual home heating energy consumption energy consumption nearly 1/3, average household energy consumption for heating is 80% per cent of its total energy consumption. Therefore, improving the thermal performance of housing, energy conservation is important.
in recent years, the Germans early in the architectural design is energy efficiency. Berlin Potsdamer Platz Daimler fengkaduofu told the newspaper one of the designers of the building area, taking into account in the design of good ventilation and lighting, which can help reduce the energy consumption of the building. Meanwhile, Windows can automatically adjust according to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor air vents, and accurate calculation of air flow direction in order to achieve good convection: case of summer without air conditioning can maintain a comfortable temperature, and in the winter can provide a good thermal insulation.
Germany low energy houses are divided into four categories: energy-saving houses, low energy, passive solar homes, zero heating houses. Passive energy House uses special insulation layer, you can prevent heat loss, so that the human body temperature, into the sunlight and the heat from electrical appliances running can maintain the temperature inside the housing. Housing ventilation system equipped with highly efficient heat recovery system, missing a small amount of heat can be supplemented through the heating of the intake air.
at present, German unit 7000 families of 36 million households to achieve passive energy standard. On this basis, you can also increase the use of renewable, zero heating housing. BACK

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