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Can be any shape of insulation materials

RFC profiled insulation.
new efficient dry technology
insulation because its hot conduction performance poor, take traditional hot air dry its took is long, and energy had big, dry uniform sex poor, and take microwave dry technology is around open has its heat transfer performance poor of problem, improve has production efficiency, meet modern industrial production efficient energy-saving environmental of requirements, solution has traditional insulation drying technology available long, funds turnover more slow, and dry not uniform of problem, specific features has:
dry process shortcut quickly, Depth dry several minutes to complete, can make the final moisture content of more than 1 per thousand;
uniform drying, drying quality;
high efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection;
small thermal inertia and heating rates are easy to control.
synotherm microwave kiln is the world's leading industrial equipment manufacturer, and microwave heating solutions provider, specializing in the production of microwave drying equipment, and high-temperature microwave sintering furnace. BACK

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