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Bubble film insulation materials compared with the traditional foam insulation

New bubble wrap aluminum thermal insulation for parking
Traditional foam insulation
1. fire, ignition point at 85 ℃ 1. inflammable, fires will burn
2. the thin thickness of about 3.5cm 2. thicker increases the cost
3. because of the very thin, all hook pins (3.5cm) short, not loose, not leaking, not repeated maintenance. 3. after the typhoon, hook pins (7cm) easy to loose, leading to leaking roofs, need repeated maintenance.
4. do not produce droplets 4. easy mouse, resulting in foam drift down.
5. the surface layer is aluminum, it won't fall off. 5. easy to fall off
6. it is not easy to break, tensile strength, bending according to different angles. 6. easy to break, no bending.

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